About Me - Emre Öteki Photography

Emre Öteki Photography

Hi! everybody :) I am Emre Kırsallıoba also known as a Emre Oteki on the web, currently living in Turkey.

I specialize in creating a relaxing and minimalist atmosphere for your photo experience. To do that I mostly taking nature photographs. I like simplicity, minimalist and a kind of calm view on my shots.

Generally I shot black and white long exposure photographs. I believe the best view experience is that way  I can share with you. Of course I like my colour shots and I share them to your view experience. You know black and white or colour is just a matter of personal taste :)

When you print out (and I hope you do!) my works and hang it on to your wall just sit and look at it. What do you feel? When you see it for a while what kind of emotions comes out from your heart?

I believe these are all good, positive and feel yourself nice. You can fill contact form and let me know how you feel about my works.

And don't forget to connect with me through your Instagram!

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